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On behalf of HHS Theatre, thank you so much for supporting the HHS Theatre Program and working with us to perform the second-ever US production of Queens! Getting to hear from you as we underwent the rehearsal process and working alongside you to adapt the script was an unforgettable experience, and we truly appreciate your expertise and assistance in navigating the production. The script was phenomenal and the experience of performing something outside of our usual comedies was educational and enjoyable.

We would also like to thank you for allowing us to make edits to the original casting of the show, such as splitting the roles of the Fool and Dream Henry. This allowed for more of our performers to be a part of the production and develop their acting skills with your script.

We appreciate you trusting us with this show, and we truly enjoyed bringing your vision to life. We hope to work alongside you again in the future!

The Dream

Expertly written, The Dream an engaging and relevant script for any modern audience. Inspired from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Kristen has cleverly interweaved aspects of the original while re-writing other sections to create a script that left our audience deeply satisfied.
For a high-school director, the script enabled me to work in-depth with actors to create complex, multi-faceted characters while improving their ability. It also allowed beginning actors to connect with the character written in the script. All of the roles are well thought out, pushing the actors an appropriate amount, it is adaptable for any cast.
The breakdown of scenes worked perfectly to support the actors’ transitions while continuing to develop the story and keep the audience engaged.
Kristen was excellent to work with and provided many site-specific solutions to ensure the script was fully suited to my cast. Feedback from our production was they loved the physical approach by the actors, while clever dialogue helped them to connect with the classic Shakespearean storyline.

Teen and Bully!

My Middle school. recently performed a one-hour version. 6-8 graders, 21 kids in show, combined Teen and Bully into our own unique piece.
The students loved the play.
Loved your words
Loved the message
It changed them.
They found their voice and became powerful. 
I’m really proud of our little version of your two beautiful pieces..
I hope we did you proud too.

Ten Minute Macbeth

I used Ten Minute Macbeth this year and LOVED it! My students got so into it and we had a blast! I got props like foam swords and branches and ketchup, used a huge plastic bin as a caldron, and a volleyball for the last scene (haha). It was an amazing day! Thank you!!!

Shakespeare Bachelor

As someone who is a huge Shakespeare fan and love his work, I found myself laughing aloud while reading every line. As far as I am concerned, this was such a genius idea and so well written that I think it would easily translate to an American stage. The part about it being the "Australian Bachelor" could easily be replaced with whatever country is producing it. Shakespeare is Shakespeare. He was a master of his craft. Therefore, all the allusions that you provide to his characters and their individual backstories should make sense to anyone who has read his plays. And, for those who haven't, it still comes off witty and relatable as all of the female roles drama queens in their own right. I would have loved to have seen Portia from The Merchant of Venice, but I'm amazed at how many of his strong female roles you managed to line up. 
Also, I love the bravado and humor from both the Shakespeare and Osher characters! Bravo!

Marvellous Mellow Melodrama of the Marriage of the Mislaid Minor

During the depths of lockdown we were incredibly fortunate to come across Kristen Docherty's absolutely delightful melodrama. With students working from home and via virtual platforms this wonderful play was exactly the tonic we needed. Containing larger than life characters, farcical plot lines and dramatic dialogue the play provided a superb vehicle for students to both learn and laugh together. As a radio play our design students were also able to enjoy experimenting with adding both music and sound effects to enhance the production. With an audience of listeners, the pressure to learn lines was removed for the young actors enabling them to focus instead on vocalisation. A tremendous treat of a play!

Teen and Bully!

I read the two plays, TEEN and BULLY... they are amazing. I love the language and the simple clear instructions about directing the scenes. I am a math teacher in Greece who also uses theatre for instructing and career guidance, esp. Drama in Education. I am a member of the Panhellenic Network for Theatre in Education and we read and comment upon and prepare directions and activities for playing various theatre texts for young adults and teenagers. I will try to use some of your scenes at my school in collaboration with an English teacher - or else I will translate them into Greek if you permit so. I loved the abstract way of introducing notions and ideas and characters. Very strong text. Theatrical, really. Thank you again for sharing.

Ten Minute Macbeth and Ghost Story.

Kristen, my middle schoolers are LOVING your plays!  You make the stories fun and accessible, which I appreciate. It's a tough in-between age where it's hard to hit that appropriate content in an engaging way. We are just starting on Shakespeare and we just started reading Ten Minute Macbeth in my 7th grade classes.
Ghost Story was also a huge hit!

Marvellous Mellow Melodrama of the Marriage of the Mislaid Minor

I was desperately looking for a play for my small class that we could safely do in COVID time.
I had thought that a radio play might be the thing. Kristen sent me the link for her script; I immediately fell in love with The Marvelous Mellow Melodrama of the Marriage of the Mislaid Minor. (took me a week to get that title straight)
The dialogue is so funny and perfect for my middle school drama class. The female characters are fierce and powerful, the male characters are devious and funny. Lots of juicy parts, not just two or three leads. Run time was about 60 minutes.
We are a small Montessori school in Massachusetts and every year our 7 and 8 graders put on a full play, soup to nuts, auditions, costumes, makeup, lights and stagecraft. We managed to attend school in person last year and for this show, we had each student stand in front of a microphone to deliver their lines. We could keep the 6ft apart rule. Actors wore period costumes and because we are only 13, the show was easily  double cast. We used a projector for scenes like the railroad tracks, illuminating actual scenery. We had fun finding all the sound effects and running them during the show. With the popularity of podcasts, the students understood the importance of voice work and the audience had no problem understanding the story. I felt we did a great job adapting to fit the constraints of the pandemic, credit also goes to the show for that flexibility.
All in all, I cannot recommend the show enough and would love to do it again, either as a traditional radio show OR as a traditional play.
Even though I am very proud of the show we did!!

Twenty Minute Romeo and Juliet

You sent me this wonderful version of Twenty Minute Romeo and Juliet recently. I wanted to let you know that my students LOVED it and really honed in on some important themes, etc. Even my most reluctant students were having a great time and begging me to do this again with other Shakespeare plays.


I read this with a class of 7th and 8th graders who are not into theatre and they LOVED IT.

Ghost Story

I can verify it is a FANTASTIC story to work on with kids! I did a class project around this play last year w my middle schoolers. They did all the design with sound cues and light cues, sleeping bags, tents and slippers.
It’s a GEM. Five stars.
Highly recommend!

The Real Story of Alice in Wonderland

My students and I LOVE your rendition. As a matter of fact, they are more engaged and enthusiastic.  Your play has totally changed their perspectives about play reading in general and we are only up to scene 5. I have over 40 student begging me to perform this in May.

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